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Happy Halloween Status For Whats app 2018


1. Sleek and elegant, hear them black cats purr in delight for Halloween has come.

2. Know no fear, leave your sadness, enjoy the Halloween and harness your powers. Happy Halloween.

3. Round and scary, look around and enjoy as pumpkins are the best Halloween veggies you will ever see. Happy Halloween.

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4. Stomp on the muddy ground and let out a celebratory Halloween shout. Happy Halloween.

5. Cobwebs have never shone so bright like on this Halloween night.

6. Pumpkins lying on the ground, feel your heartbeat quicken as you run around. Happy Halloween.

7. Cats and bats flying around, join them with your ride and don’t forget your hat.

Happy Halloween Status For Whats app

8. When you’re afraid, listen to the cackles and your fear will fade. Happy Halloween.

9. It’s that time of the year, of spooky décor, may your night be filled with horror. Happy Halloween.

10. October is almost over, Halloween is here, listen to that evil laugh from somewhere really near.

11. Give them candies and scare them a bit, this Halloween, you will be a hit. Happy Halloween.

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12. Monsters can smell you even after you shower, do not blink until Halloween is over.

13. Black cats are out partying, black bats are freely flying. Happy Halloween.

14. On air, they ride, looking beautiful in the dark just like the corpse bride.

15. The moon is laughing looking down, be my Halloween queen I have prepared your crown.

Happy Halloween Status For Whats app 2018

16. Halloween is finally here, you’ll hear the ghosts celebrate even when you cover your ears.

17. Go and play with goblins and fell the tickling prick of witches pins.

18. See the sliver of the moon, wolves will be howling for Halloween soon. Happy Halloween.

19. Wear your costume and get ready, while the darkness looks scary and the air feels icy. Happy Halloween.

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20. Red is the colour of blood, Halloween is the season for the scared and the mad.

21. Tonight do not look in the mirror, you might make a frightening error. Happy Halloween.

22. The streets are filled with spooks, with steely, scary, hungry looks.

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23. It’s Halloween, It’s time for a bash! Just make sure than you don’t turn the house into ash.

24. Wrapped like mummies, long dead, now it’s time to get up from your bed.

25. Vampires thirst for blood looking for those who feel sad.

26. Fun and fright, let us party and never stop until we see the sunlight.

27. Trick the eyes and see unexplained things, give them treats until the wolves sing.

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28. Learn from those pumpkins, take it easy and cast your light so others will see.

29. Take the skeletons out of the closet, it’s time to celebrate with the dead. Happy Halloween.

30. Halloween can also be romantic like valentine’s, if you would let me call you mine. Happy Halloween.

31. Say hello to gleaming pumpkins, be careful not to bump frightening decorated bins.

32. Here is a toast for Halloween, may it be loads of fun more than it has always been. Happy Halloween.

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33. See the shadows rise, getting scared is your sure prize. Happy Halloween.

34. Hear that mysterious whisper, hear the slow and heavy steps of the undertaker. Happy Halloween.

35. The trees are waving, the shadows are hiding, may you have a fun time trick or treating for the Halloween.

36. Tonight you look so boo-tiful, you are a red target to the ghoul and not the bull. Happy Halloween.

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37. Your love potion has worked its magic on me. Happy Halloween my sweetheart.

38. With the first kiss his mouth will taste of wormwood.

39. Happy Halloween. I can smell the sweetness of your blood can I sip a bit of it?

40. You are the spookiest, most dreadful and scariest lover I ever had. You make my heartbeat so fast.

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